Saturday, October 2, 2010

Switching Channels

The motivation behind almost anyone who writes an internet blog is the desire to communicate one’s thoughts, ideas, and opinions to others who chose to read those compositions. But since launching this site in May I have acquired several other outlets for my literary urges.

First, I am now writing a weekly opinion column for the Green Bay Press-Gazette, which more than amply imposes my personal viewpoints on a sufficient audience. Those few souls outside of Northeast Wisconsin who still thirst for my weekly bombastic musings can follow them online each Monday at in the “Opinion” section.

Second, I’ve just released my book Who’s to Blame? – Living along society’s “fault” line. Therein lies the summation of my lifelong inquiry into why we are addicted to the blame game, the costs of participation, and how we can quit the habit. I sincerely believe anyone who reads this book will end up changing their life for the better. You can find the book at

Third, I’ve set up a Facebook page “Who’s to Blame?” wherein I hope to foster interactive discussion about blame. Ideally, those willing to share experiences in which they’ve been blamed can help everyone else learn about how to deal with blame. To the extent that venue generates strong lessons I will likely post those stories back onto this blog with attendant commentary.

So I’d like to temporarily sign-off this communication channel for now with a sincere “thank you” for the time you’ve committed to reading its contents. Any resurrection of this blog will be announced on the related Facebook page. Meanwhile, I hope you will follow along on one of these other venues, and help wean Society off the blame habit.